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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji ki Fateh!!

IIGS - International Institute Of Gurmat Studies also known as Institute of Gurmat Studies or IGS - is not merely an institute of religious and spiritual teachings, it also teaches us how to live a disciplined and determined life. This is done through seven to ten day camps that connect campers to the Gurus and their teachings. Campers are taught many different ways to lead a managed and organized life. The camp not only emphasizes attaining religious wealth, but at the same time endeavors to surpass old professional achievements and attain new heights by bringing in the most precious value: DISCIPLINE.

IIGS Camps Have Helped Me Enhance My Business Skills

-Sardar Damandeep Singh

I have been an IIGS camper for the last ten years, and  have a shortage of words to describe how grateful I am to Guru Sahib for making me a part of IIGS. I entered IIGS in my teens, which was the best time for me to be guided in the right direction.


​Here are a few points learnt at IIGS which helped me in my life:

a) PLANNING: IIGS starts the day with the meeting of counselors to plan and fix up the schedule for the day. In the same way, I have introduced the routine of planning with my team for the day and dealing with the issues.

b) WRITTEN PATTERN OF SCHEDULE: Writing down the suggestions, points and schedules instead of verbally following them is another part of my way of working. IIGS follows the pattern of printing the schedule and putting it up on the Notice Board and this idea has been helping me work smoothly.

c) DIVISION AND DISTRIBUTION OF RESPONSIBILITIES: Dividing and distributing responsibilities amongst the team members is one of the best ways to avoid fights and other issues. This helps maintain a healthy atmosphere at the workplace.

d) ROTATION: IIGS has proven to make every camper learn all the activities followed at the camp and this has been made possible only because of job rotations. Rotation not only makes a person more well-rounded but also helps groups avoid feelings of partiality. I have done the same in my workplace and this has increased the skills of my employees.

e) ASSIGNING RANKS: I appreciate IIGS for its ranking system, which has been planned to successfully run camps. Making groups and assigning ranks is truly appreciable. In the same manner, the workplace requires team work and a supervisor to look after. It helps the work to be checked at every level, leading to a perfected outcome.

​f) INTRODUCTION OF ADVENTURE BREAKS: IIGS camps are planned at times when there are vacations in schools/institutes so that the maximum number of people can register and, in return, be benefited by gathering information and learning about Gurmat, something they generally unknowingly skip due to the heavy burden of studies and busy schedules. Keeping in mind campers' "vacation mood", IIGS organizes picnics and other entertainment activities alongside Gurmat sessions. This keeps the campers fresh and in a similar manner, we arrange a trip for our employees once or twice a year to make them feel fresh and rejuvenated.

These were some important guidances which I have applied in my daily life to enhance my personal and professional skills. I have no words to appreciate the systems laid out by Papaji to run the camps successfully and also the efforts of the current IIGS team to maintain the same. These camps guide us to lead a disciplined way of living life by maintaining a perfect balance in one's personal, professional and spiritual life.

Guru Angsang

Guru Raakha!

Later, I joined my father's business after my studies were over. I personally believe that this camp taught me values which have led to the enhancement of my business skills.


Believe it or not, many activities and agendas followed at the camp eventually helped me at my workplace. In these camps, there is a fixed time to perform the various religious activities. A proper agenda is formed at the start of the day which is strictly followed until the end of the day. The organizers endeavor to utilize every single minute to its best -  teaching us how to value time in today's busy life.

Sardar Damandeep Singh with his wife Sardarni Prabhjot Kaur at the 75th Sikh International Youth Camp

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