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We at IIGS appreciate your generous donations. Since 1955, IIGS has been serving the House of our wonderful Gurus and the Sikh Community. It's through Waheguru ji's grace, your support and donations that IIGS is able to share the message of the wonderful Gurus with the world through variety of activities. Thousands of Sikhs across the globe especially the youth have benefitted as a result of these activities. IIGS not only works with the Sikh Community but also helps create a better understanding about the Sikh Faith among other communities as well.


Gurbani Reseacher, Punjabi Fonts, microfilming of manuscripts, digitization, numerous publications, Kirtan CDs, over 90 camps and retreats for all age groups including Sindhi mothers, thousands of hours of talks and Kirtan programs, Amrit Sanchar drives, Sikh personality workshops, career counseling sessions, weekend schools, interfaith sessions, school and college awareness programs, charity events, Gurpurab celebrations worldwide are just a few of the things that IIGS has accomplished over the past 6 decades.


Since 2011, IIGS has been giving scholarships to deserving Sikh students in North America who are pursuing higher education. Since 2016, IIGS has also started sponsoring kids education in India. 

IIGS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and all your donations are tax-exempt.











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