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S. Kavi Raj Singh

As Guru ji had predicted, the Mughals didn't keep their word. They pursued the Sikhs and Guru Sahib.


Due to recent rains, river Sirsa was overflowing. Finding themselves caught between the river and the pursuing Mughals, Guru Sahib decided to cross the river. In that chaotic moment, Guru Sahib's mother and younger two sons were separated. The elder two managed to cross the river with Guru Sahib.


Few Sikhs stayed back to stall the Mughals to ensure safe-crossing for the rest. During the crossing of the river a lot of literature, hand-written scripts got swept away in the river. After crossing the river, Guru Sahib instructed the Sikhs to continue moving forward till they reached Chamkaur. The younger brother of the chief of Chamkaur welcomed Guru Sahib and the Sikhs in to his fort.




This is the story of Four Sahibzadas of Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji: Sahibzada Ajit Singh Ji (17 years), Sahibzada Jujhar Singh Ji (13 years), Sahibzada Zorawar Singh Ji (9 years) and Sahibzada Fateh Singh Ji (7 years). 


Winters were fast approaching and the Mughals had laid seige to the fort of Anandpur Sahib for some time now. Food had run out inside the fort and the cold weather was making things tough. The Mughals promised a safe passage to Sikhs if they vacated the Fort of their own accord. Guru ji knew better, however, on the insistence of the Sikhs, he agreed.






The Mughals kept chasing and caught up to Guru Sahib at Chamkaur Fort. They laid a siege to the fort with an army of a million men.  Guru Sahib had 40 Sikhs with Him including His two elder sons. But their spirits were stronger than the million they were going to face. Thus, started the battle of Chamkaur.


The brave Khalsa of the wonderful Guru took on at an average of 25000 soldiers while fighting until their last breath. Among the martyred were the brave two sons of Guru Sahib, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Ji (17 years of age) and Sahibzade Jujhar Singh Ji (14 years of age). Both seeked the permission of their Father to go in the battlefield and fight shoulder to shoulder with the Sikh brethren. Guru Sahib with His own hands, got them ready and sent them into the battle field. He watched from the top of the fort both of His sons, regardless of their youth, fought bravely and embraced the status of ‘Shaheed’(Martyrs) by laying down their lives.


While the elder two Sahibzadas embraced death in the battlefield, the younger two under the guidance of their grandma were getting ready for their martyrdom. The Mughals tried to persuade and entice them to give up the Sikh faith in return for high status and riches but the two young Sahibzadas, Sahibzada Zorawar Singh Ji (9 years of age) and Sahibzada Fateh Singh Ji (7 years of age) stood steadfast in their faith and preferred martyrdom over any comfort or status or riches. Those two young souls were bricked alive.


It all happened in the month of December in the year 1705. Their lives have so much to teach. It’s not the length of life but the honor with which we live. All four gave up their lives but never gave up their faith. Today, we all need to take a close look at ourselves and honestly answer the question for ourselves… are we what our Gurus wanted us to be? Are we honoring or dishonoring our Guru Sahibs, Sahibzadas and millions of those who gave up everything for us.


While we remember our wonderful tenth Guru Sahibs Sahibzadas and their ultimate sacrifice, we must also remember to become better Sikhs. Let’s all pray, “Sir jaaye taan jaaye, mera Sikhi Sidak Na Jaaye”


This Human form is a blessed and rare opportunity for us to find our way home to Waheguru ji. Let’s avail this opportunity!


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