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To Pray Or Not To Pray?

Recently someone wrote seeking clarity on should one pray or not to God (Waheguru ji) for every need or want!


Question: I won't say I have a doubt, but I'd say, I need some clarifications.The question is: "Is it really necessary to pray/ardaas?"


1. One view is, you don't get anything until you call for it, do something for it. So, I should pray to babaji for what I need or what I want. As gurbani says, "Tu thakur tum peh ardaas."
"Tudh aage ardaas hamari." "Ik ardaas bhaat keerat ki"


2. Second view is, you don't have to keep on asking him for what you need. He understands you better than yourself. As again, the gurbani says, "Vin boleyan sab kich jaanda"

I know, I don't even have 0.1% of knowledge and maybe the gurbani tuks i referred to are not in context of what I'm asking but I hope you understand what my basic doubt is.....























Thank you for sharing your thoughts and raising an interesting question: Is it really necessary to pray...

We all are different and we all tend to have a different relationship with the same person. If one is comfortable with someone and trusts that person fully, one is able to say or ask for anything. Same goes with Waheguru ji. Everything is dependent on our relationship with HIM. Gurbani gives examples of that. Dhana ji was so comfortable with Waheguruji's friendship that he asked him for everything including basic necessities. 'Gopal tera aarta. Jo jan tumri bhagat karante, tin ke kaaj swaarta...'

Another example that comes to mind is of our 10th wonderful Guru, Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji. When Waheguru ji asked Guru Sahib to go to this world with a particular task, He stood up with folded hands and bowed His head and said, 'Panth chale tabh jagat mein jab tum karoh sahaaye'. Through these lines Guru Sahib not only put forward His request, He also showed us how to do it...Standing with folded hands and head bowed.

So the simple answer is, it depends on your relationship... if you find yourself in love with someone, then asking, sharing, saying anything is easy (Ardas in other words is a way of communication)... it automatically flows out of you. One doesn't have to seek clarity if one should say or ask and how or what to say or ask for. The deeper the relationship gets, clearer our priorities become and easier our prayers and communication gets!




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