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Savior of the World: Sri Guru Gobind Singh
S. Kavi Raj Singh



This is a story of my Guru

He always preached love and peace

Stood up for freedom of religion and speech

Fought for the rights of the weak

Guru Gobind Singh!


A brave Soldier

A great Saint

Fought to preserve equality and peace

His sacrifices never amaze to cease!!!

Guru Gobind Singh!


Sacrificed His Father

Sacrificed His Sons...

Fought many battles

To protect the meek...

Guru Gobind Singh!


His Followers left Him

in the hour of need.

He lost his palace...

And slept on leaves.

Guru Gobind Singh!


Hardships came

But He always smiled

Never did He complain-

'Why me O Lord'

Guru Gobind Singh!


A Savior of the World

came to guide our lives.

Blessed our souls

by showing us the light.

Guru Gobind Singh

Guru Gobind Singh!!!




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