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Embrace Love and Godliness
-Kavi Raj Singh

Looking at the world today, the condition has become so dire that a person embracing God's given form is eyed with suspicion. This speaks volumes about the state of mind of an average individual around the world. Fear has taken over and Godliness has taken a backseat.


A few affluent trading in hatred and divide are stroking the winds of fear and helplessness so the status quo can be maintained for their personal and political gain.


This is nothing new, it has been happening for centuries and it continues today. Story remains the same, players and times change. Look as far back in history as one wants, this game of divide and rule was played then and it continues…


This game will continue till we all take a stance and say no more... we are not going to let a few through their influences over the wavelengths and social media poison our rational thinking. We belong to One Creator like the varied flowers in a beautiful garden. We will not fall in the trap of hatred and fear. Instead we will stand tall next to each other and let love rule the world. May the Godliness in us rise again and if we run into Mohammed, Jesus, Moses or any of the wonderful Sikh Guru Sahibs, we don’t shun them away. Instead embrace their philosophy of love, compassion and forgiveness and build a better tomorrow in HIS grace!


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