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Bhai Jeewan Singh Ji: A True GurSikh!

Bhai Jeewan Singh Ji


A Beautiful Soul who came to this world to show us what a Sikh Way of Life is. Always carried a smile on his face, extreme example of humility and always tuned in to the Higher power. No useless chatter, no unnecessary talk, always giving and always loving. It's always a blessing when one has the pleasure of a company of such a beautiful soul. Thanks to IGS house, I had the pleasure of listening to him on multiple occasions. 


There are so many beautiful things that come to mind when one thinks of Bhai Sahib.One thing that was most amazing about him was he would request people to call him and recite Japji sahib to him early in the morning. Regardless of which part of the world was he in, he would listen to more than a dozen Japji Sahib paths daily from various people. 


One day, he was called as a character witness in a case here in USA. I remember him sitting in the audience with his eyes closed. When his name was called, he stood up, looked at the judge and exchanged glances for less than a second. Next thing everyone heard was the judge requesting Bhai Sahib to take his seat. Never needed to utter a word, still in that glance everything that was required was said. Bhai Sahib sat down and again closed his eyes. This incident always reminded me of olden days when a Sikh's witness held more value than anything else. 

Bhai Sahib ji was a true Saint in every sense of the word however no one dared called him that or for that matter even a Khalsa. He was known to the world as Bhai Jeevan Singh Ji and people who loved him adoringly called him Bhai Sahib ji. He always maintained the last name as 'Singh', a name given to us by our beloved 10th Guru Sahib, Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji'. 

There is a big lesson for all of those who rush to keep the last name as Khalsa or who let themselves be addressed as a Sant.


The world has lost a beautiful soul and Bhai Sahib ji will be missed dearly. Thank you Bhai Sahib ji for touching our lives in more ways than words can express. We wish you a safe journey Home. 


Guru Angsang 

Guru Raakha! 



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