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77th Sikh International Youth Camp India
June 16 - 26, 2013 GRD Academy Dehradun, Uttrakhand
INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF GURMAT STUDIES, INC. (IIGS) is a US based religious, non-profit and non-political Sikh organization, that has pioneered the Sikh Youth Camping Movement Internationally for the past 41 years.
Encouraged by the tremendous success of its eleven camps held in India in the past ten years, IIGS is pleased to offer yet another great opportunity to 5oo young Sikh women and men from all over India and abroad to come and learn about their great Sikh heritage, history and culture. 
IIGS retreats are purely religious and known for providing an environment that disciplines, inspires, educates and, fosters Sikh pride and universal brotherhood! 
COME join this 11-day residential retreat, and see the difference it will make in your life!

GRD Academy: Nestled amidst the serene and scenic foothills of Mussoorie, the GRD Academy Dehradun is well equipped with modern amenities, separate residential accommodation for Kaurs and Singhs, and spacious play grounds.

Who All May Attend: Young Sikh women and men between the ages 10-24, desirous of learning about their great Sikh Heritage, History and Culture are welcome to join the camp from any where in the world. Married young Sikh couples under 35, may also apply.
A seasoned team of Lady and Gentlemen Counselors will look to the personal needs and training of all campers. A camp doctors/nurse team will be present at the camp.
CAMP Coaches from Delhi: AC Camp Coaches are being arranged to transport campers from Delhi to the camp on the morning of June 16th. If interested, please mail in your Coach fare of Rs. 1000 along with your Camp Registration Form and fee to ensure your seat in the coach.



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