Remembering Papaji: Captain K.H. Singh -Dr. Surinder Kaur Dargan

When our children were growing up, we did not have other Gurdwaras Sahibs like ones in Santa Ana, Buena Park or Walnut. We went to IIGS Gurdwara in La Habra Heights.

That is where we did our Sunday prayers. celebrated happy and sad events of our lives. Our children attended IIGS summer camps, learned Punjabi and Gurbani, read Sri Guru Granth Sahib and sang Shabads with instruments.

I have very fond memories of attending Mother's camp along with my 4 year old daughter and 78 year old mother. What a great experience IIGS offered us. Many of my friends and other women of my age still share those memories.

This was all possible under the vision and supervision of Captain Harbhajan Singh, who we fondly called Papa Ji.

He had a very calm and humble persona. He always met you with a welcoming smile. He was gentle, but still a strict disciplinarian.

He dedicated his life to Sikhism and helped thousands of children how to learn and live Sikh way of life.

May Waheguru bless his soul and give us strength to follow and continue his mission.

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